Privacy Policy

Nippoh Chemicals Co., Ltd.(“NPCKK”), consider it our important social responsibility to protect your privacy and personal information, comply with laws pertaining to the protection of personal information and other related laws and ensure that your personal information is handled in an appropriate manner.

1.Purpose of use

NPCKK use your personal information solely for the purposes we specified when you provided us with your personal information or purposes permitted by law and not for any other purposes.

2.Providing your personal information to third parties

NPCKK respect your individual rights pertaining to the personal information you provided and do not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party except when we have your permission or unless to comply with the law.

3.Security Management

NPCKK manage personal information appropriately through employee training, the development of regulations regarding information management, etc. as well as prevent the personal information you provided from being leaked, lost, damaged, accessed illegally, etc.

4.Providing you with your own personal information

NPCKK respond to your request to disclose, correct, delete, etc. your personal information appropriately after ensuring that the request has been made by you. Make an inquiry through the inquiry form.


This website handles the information you entered in the inquiry from, etc. securely by using an encryption method called SSL (Secure Socket Layer).